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Today's Message

A church community on the Gold Coast that welcomes all comers,
and acknowledges each individual's personal spiritual experiences.
We follow a progressive Twenty-first Century exploration of ideas, with a range of gatherings, discussions and services offering different types of experiences.

Other News

No service this 5th Sunday

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Please note that, although there is a 5th Sunday this month, there will be no service at St Michael’s, as Fr Richard is to be consecrated to the order of Bishop at St Alban’s Liberal Catholic Church, 351 Wickham Tce, Brisbane  at 9.30 am on this morning.

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Centenary of the Liberal Catholic Church

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The office of the Vicar General of the Liberal Catholic Church of Australia has just issued a press release about the centenary of the founding of the Liberal Catholic Church. It will be celebrated on 13 February. Read More

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New to St Michael’s?

What can you expect when you walk in our door?

We are always happy to see new people come through our doors and 'try us out'.

We like to involve everyone in our activities and functions, so our services and other gatherings are mostly very informal. We love to hear different perspectives, and recognise that everyone present may have something to teach us all. When the preacher of the day delivers their homily, contributions from listeners are welcome, and there is often interesting discussion of points made.

We believe firmly in both men and women taking leadership roles, so varying types of activity are led by men and women, both ordained and otherwise. We are happy to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of all to further our understanding of our place in God's creation, and how we can make the world a better place.


Hall for Hire

Our hall can be hired for regular or one-off engagements.

Please call 0413 098 030 for details.

Our Principles

St Michael's is the Gold Coast parish of the Liberal Catholic Church in Australia.

It is not part of the Roman Catholic Church and has not been associated with Rome since the 1870s.

Unlike many churches, we do not see the scientific realities of the 21st Century as a threat to faith. In fact, we embrace the wondrous discoveries of human exploration of both outer and inner universes as a strengthening of our faith that God is within us all and within everything.

And we are eager to find out and discuss the latest research by biblical scholars and archaeologists, as a way of understanding just who Jesus was, the context of the world he lived in, and the universality of his message across different times and cultures.

We recognise that there are many paths towards finding an understanding of God and our place in the glories of creation, including insights from other religions. We also recognise that individual experiences of 'the mystic' are valid and that all of us have mystical experiences during life – some of which we recognise and some of which we don‘t.

We see our community’s role as helping one another on this path to spiritual enlightenment and the experience of God - however you understand that word.

Our theological and philosophical attitudes are fairly well summed up in the following video:

Service Times

You will find our service times below.

1st Sunday of the month:
9.00 am - Eucharist

3rd Sunday of the month:
8.40 am - Healing and Communion
9.00 am - Heart Circle

5th Sunday of the month (where applicable):
9.00 am - Eucharist or Seeker's Forum

Thursday Morning Mass at Fr Robert's
8.00 am - phone for details

For more information about the different types of service, click HERE

Healing, Last Rites and Remembrance

If you or someone in your family would like a visit for someone sick, the sacraments of the church, inclusion in our prayers, or other commemoration . . . .

At St Michael's we regularly send love, light, blessings and healing to the sick and those in need. These people (indeed also pets or world crisis spots) may be known to us or unknown. You/they do not have to be a Liberal Catholic.

If you have such a request, we will collectively send them love, light and blessings at every Eucharist until they are well. When someone passes on, each year during the month of their passing, we will send them love, light and blessings at every celebration of the Eucharist on your behalf.

If you are present in the building, please tell us about this, or place their names in the Memorial Book at the entrance of the Church. Alternatively, you can email us on this form,
or ring Robert on 0413 098 030.