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A Liberal Catholic Church on the Gold Coast that welcomes all comers,
and acknowledges each individual's personal spiritual experiences.
We follow a progressive Twenty-first Century exploration of ideas, with a range of services, discussions and workshops.

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9.00 am Mass

Morning tea and discussion

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After service discussion


Bp Richard led last month’s discussion session by talking about the sequence of the Holy Eucharist.   He explained  the use of the instruments on the altar, the candles and the jewels in the altar stone, the symbols of the seven rays and the spiritual symbology of the instruments of transformation – the chalice and the paten.

On 2 July the discussion will look in more detail at how the instruments play their part in the unfolding of the divine mystery.

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Other News

Tools for Living Workshop

Join us for a participatory workshop at St Michael’s Liberal Catholic Church

The Buddha and Jesus, Brothers in CompassionA comparative look at the sayings of these great teachers of humanity on the topics of

Tolerance and Love thy Neighbour

This will be an interactive workshop to reflect on the similarities and differences in the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha. Together we will

  • Develop an experiential understanding of where the two faiths meet.
  • Find practices from both traditions to assist us in our daily lives.

Sunday 24 July 2016, 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm, Afternoon tea will be provided, Suggested donation $5

 Led by Bp Richard Taylor, a Bishop in the Liberal Catholic Church and Else Shepherd, both long term students of Buddhism.

St Michael’s and All Angels, 19 Kerr Avenue, Southport

RSVP to Else on 0411 179 934

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New to St Michael’s?

What can you expect when you walk in our door?

You will be welcomed by a small but growing congregation. We celebrate the traditional Catholic rites in an atmosphere of open-mindedness.

Hall for Hire

Our hall can be hired for regular or one-off engagements.

Please call 0413 098 030 for details.

Our Church

St Michael's is the Gold Coast parish of the Liberal Catholic Church in Australia.

It is not part of the Roman Catholic Church .

The Liberal Catholic Church allows priests to be married. As all the clergy are required to make their own living, their church activities are purely voluntary.

We recognise that there are many paths towards finding an understanding of God and our place in the glories of creation, including insights from other religions.

Service Times

You will find our service times below.

1st Sunday of the month:
9.00 am - Eucharist followed by discussion

3rd Sunday of the month:
8.00 am - Meditation
8.45 am - Healing
9.00 am - Eucharist

5th Sunday of the month (where applicable):
9.00 am - Eucharist